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Junior King's || LSPD Application [EMPLOYED]

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Junior King's || LSPD Application [EMPLOYED]

Post by Nelson™ on Wed Mar 21, 2012 11:35 am

(( IC Info ))

Name :Nelson_King

Age :21

Date of Birth :1/6/1991
phone Number :3593

Current Job : (Leave blank if don't have jobs)N/A
House Location: (Leave blank if don't have a house)Richman
Driver License : (Yes/No)Yes
Pilot License : (Yes/No)No
Shooting Skill :8/10

Biography (Minimum of 100 words) :Well, I was born in Anaheim, California, My name is Nelson King. I grew up with two brothers, but no sisters. When I reached the age of five, my two brothers moved away to college and began studying for their respected majors. They turned out to lead the Los Santos Fire and Medical Department, work for the Los Santos Police Department, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. His names today are well known around the city. He's Jacob King. While attending Stanford University, I still lived at home. My brothers both happened to live near, and nightly they taught me skills I would need in life. Later I learned these skills were those vital to a police officer, or a federal agent. At the age of 18, I went to Stanford University on a full scholarship, for athletics and academics. While in college I played softball and volleyball, but I mainly focused on my studies. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA, on a 4.0 scale. I've attended many police trainings held by Jacob King, along with my brothers . I'm fresh out of college, with tons of potential, and tons of enthusiasm to be a Los Santos Police Officer.
Why do you want to join the LSPD ? (Minimum of100 words) : I think i should be in lspd because i am the one who is trained well by my brother Jacob who is still chief of LSPD in the los Santos State he have already given me enough training to be in LSPD i hate gangs and terrorists they are dirt of the city and i will do my best to clean these types of dirts away from the city to maintain peace and co-operation all over the San Andreas State.Thank You.

OOC Info ))

Timezone :GMT+0

Any alt accounts ? : NO

Basic RP Definition :
PG :Powergamming

MG :Metagamming

HB :Heli Blading

DM :Deathmatching

KoS :Killing On Sight

CS :Crack Shooting

RK :Revenge Killing

RT :I think this doesnt exist.

:Drive Bye

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Re: Junior King's || LSPD Application [EMPLOYED]

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 21, 2012 11:41 am


I have reviewed your application and found it to be impressive so that your application has been ACCEPTED please meet me In-Game for further action.

-Jacob King
LSPD Chief


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Re: Junior King's || LSPD Application [EMPLOYED]

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 21, 2012 11:42 am



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Re: Junior King's || LSPD Application [EMPLOYED]

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