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Medic Department Application Format

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Medic Department Application Format

Post by Sanzil_Rizal on Fri Feb 24, 2012 5:44 pm

Hello, If you're currently interested in a position on the staff roster of the Medical Department, then please take your time to read the handbook thoroughly, and then apply to our services using the format below. Please take into account that the following requirements are needed in order for a job in our services:

You must have lived in San Andreas for two years. ((Level 2.))
You application must meet standards, put as much effort in as you can.
You must be fluent in English; Speaking, Reading and Writing.
Your biography must exceed three-hundred words.
If your biography contains generic stories, you will be denied.
((If you have another character, you must be on your SAMD character more; we expect you to be active.))
((You must not have over one warning; nothing serious too!))

Sanjil Rijal


Have you ever worked for a Law Enforcement Agency? If so, which one(s) and for how long?


Why do you want to join the San Andreas Medical Department?: (Minimum of 100 words)


List a few characteristics about yourself. Tell us how you could be helpful in the San Andreas Medical Department:


Licenses and Passport Identification


Passport ((/stats)):

((Out-Of-Character Information))

First Name: *
Gender: *
Age: *
Country of Origin: *

How long have you been part of the Modern Roleplay Community?

Have you ever been prisoned or warned on this server? If so, why?


Have you ever been banned from Modern Roleplay? If so, why?


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