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Roleplay Suggestions for commands and Building design suggestion

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Roleplay Suggestions for commands and Building design suggestion

Post by Reznee on Wed Apr 23, 2014 6:50 am

Suggested command Roleplays

1st)/enter or /exit - /me takes hold of the door knob, twisting it and pushing it forward, entering/leaving the room (Only works when your entering a building or room)

2nd)/vh engine - /me places the key in the ignition, twists it as the engine turns on/off
              - /do Fail, /do Engine On or /do Engine Off

3rd)/vh trunk or /vh hood - /me presses a button on the bottom of the steering wheel, opening/closing the hood/trunk
                             - (Typing it Once) /do Trunk Open or (After Typing it again) /do Trunk Closed and (Typing it Once) /do Hood Open or (After Typing it again) /do Hood Closed

4th)/pvlock - /me takes hold of his/her remote, presses a button on the remote, unlocking/locking his/her car
          - (Typing it Once) /do Car locked or (After Typing it again) /do Car Unlocked

5th)/vh Lights - /me presses a button above of the steering wheel, turning on/off the car lights
             - (Typing it Once) /do Lights On or (After Typing it again) /do Lights Off

6th)/vh Fuel - /me looks over to the center of his/her car, checking the fuel of the car.

7th)/withdraw or /deposit - (Before taking/giving his cash) /me asks the lady to deposit/withdraw some money from/in from his account (After taking/giving the money) /me takes/gives the money from/to the lady, he walks away and waves goodbye.

8th)/awithdraw or /adeposit - /me puts his/her card in the atm, depositing/withdrawing money to his/from his account.

9th)/mdc - /me takes out his/her laptop and logs in/out to his/her Mobile Data Computer (MDC)
      - (After Typing) /do Logged In and (After Pressing 'Cancel' button) /do Logged Out


Building Design Suggestions:
1) Put some fences or what do you call it side covers so if people us Helicopters that are on top of a building, they won't fall.
2) Place a Glass in front of the bank to make it more cool and impressive, also make sure it is presentable in a way
3) Place Toll Boots at the Bridges that enters or exits Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas to separate them from each other.
4) You forgot the place the cmd /fill at Gas stations

Other Suggestions:
1) Also remember to change the face book page from to

That's what I can find but don't worry I'll find some I can suggest and make the Server better Smile


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Re: Roleplay Suggestions for commands and Building design suggestion

Post by John. on Tue Apr 29, 2014 11:14 am

Some of your suggestions are not necessarily needed like the fences, why would the players will fall? they will only fall if they intend it to happen but if they dont it won't and yes im currently making a new facebook page for the server.. and i'll approve your suggestion in /me's and /do's as this server is Medium based RP..



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