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Bugs in Faction HQ's

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Bugs in Faction HQ's

Post by Reznee on Wed Apr 23, 2014 1:07 pm

John I checked the places in the server and found some bugs or in other words glitches.

1) When I entered the 3rd Floor which is below the floor of the Office of of the FBI Leader I went in the room of the 3rd floor room and saw that there was a room which was just stairs and when i stepped in a fell below...
2) When I walked around to a corner the surroundings in my screen turned blue and the walls disappeared all around me.
3) The Garage gates or bugged because they aren't moving correctly
4) There was no doors that separates the outside from the inside of the HQ locker rooms like in LSPD

1) When I pressed F, instead of the door moving, another one appeared below me and moved.
2) The gates are the same as the FBI gates.

Hospital (Either All Saints or County Gen.):
1) The /FDSA cmd isn't working...when i typed it, it should have said 'You aren't in the Medic Department' but it didn't

That's it...and also the only reason I didn't put any pictures was because I have no idea how to!  Crying or Very sad


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Re: Bugs in Faction HQ's

Post by John. on Tue Apr 29, 2014 2:55 pm



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