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Varrios Los Aztecas Gang Request

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Varrios Los Aztecas Gang Request

Post by Jay_Luke on Sun Mar 04, 2012 2:51 pm

Gang Leader:Luke_Jay

Level of Leader:6

Gang Co leader(s):None

Level of Co leader :5

Background story of the gang (minimum of 1,500 words):
Vatos Locos is reported by various sources to be a slang term, originally used for describing chicano or latino neighbourhood "toughs," and more recently expanded in its use to describe chicano or latino youths, in some communities of the San Andreas.

The only reference to a gang called Vatos Locos in Honduras found among the sources consulted, is a 2 May 1998 report from La Prensa. The report mentions the Vatos Locos mara or gang as one of the three main contenders in turf disputes for control of drug supply in San Pedro Sula. The highest incidence of trafficking and turf wars reportedly takes place in the Chamelecón sector of the city and the Cabañas and Suncery neighbourhoods; in these areas, the Vatos Locos dispute territory with the Mara Salvatrucha (MS) and the Mara 18.

The only other reference to a Vatos Locos gang found among publicly available sources within the time constraints of this Response, is the description of a documentary film on the 38th Street Gang of Los Angeles, also referred to a La 38 and Vatos Locos (Ritual Films 30 Oct. 1998). The documentary states the gang began in South Central Los Angeles in the 1920 by chicanos or Mexican-Americans and has evolved into a more violent organization with more than 1,000 members across the United States.

The only references to gangs operating in the San Lorenzo area of Honduras, and found among the sources consulted, are two reports from La Prensa, which mention the existence of at least 14 heavily armed gangs that operate at sea and on land in the Gulf of Fonseca region (22 Mar. 1997; 5 Apr. 1997). The reports, however, do not name the gangs, but state that they have operated with a high level of impunity against fishermen and shrimp farmers due to a lack of police or military presence and support.

Rank Names

Rank6 :Original Gangstah

Rank5 :2nd in Command OG

Rank4 :Gangstah

Rank3 :Vato

Rank2 :Thug

Rank1 :Ese

Rank Duties

Rank 6 :Making the Hood Good

Rank 5 :Capturing

Rank 4 :Defending the Base

Rank 3 :Drive by

Rank 2 :Drive by

Rank 1 :Defending the Base

Gang Skin

Rank6 :292

Rank5 :273

Rank4 :47

Rank3 :48

Rank2 :30

Rank1 :184

Gang Cars (Max Car's 10):












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Re: Varrios Los Aztecas Gang Request

Post by Krillah. on Sun Mar 04, 2012 3:40 pm

Actually it's pretty good, as one of the owner's of the MG:RP i hereby tell you that your app has been ACCEPTED, see me IG

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