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Mario_Cruzo LSPD Underboss application[EMPLOYED]

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Mario_Cruzo LSPD Underboss application[EMPLOYED]

Post by Mario_Cruzo on Sun Mar 04, 2012 8:42 pm

(( IC Info ))

Name : Mario_Cruzo

Age : 21

Date of Birth : 1991/01/05

Phone Number : 9804

Current Job : Job 1: Mechanic Job 2: Detective

House Location: Commerce

Driver License : Yes

Pilot License : No

Shooting Skill : 8/10

Biography (Minimum of 100 words) :I'm born in Los Santos and when I'm 4 years old somebody murdered my father. I want to join to the LSPD to found the criminal who do that.

Why do you want to join the LSPD ? (Minimum of 100 words) : To defend the city, and find the criminal who murdered my father.

(( OOC Info ))

Timezone : UTC+01:00

Any alt accounts ? : No

Basic RP Definition :

PG : Power Gaming:Doing something impossible.

MG : Meta Gaming:Mixing OOC with IC Information.

HB : Heli Blading:Using a Helicopters blade to kill people.

DM : Death Match:Killing players without reason.

KoS : Kill on Sight:Killing everybody you see.

CS : Crack Shooting:Using C-bug to shoot faster.

RK : Revenge Kill:Killing someone who previously killed you.

RT : I don't know what its mean.

DB : Drive by:Using a weapon while driving a vehicle.


If you abuse your power or rushtaze , you will be demoted and never get a chance to be LSPD again . Please RP well . Thank You .

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Re: Mario_Cruzo LSPD Underboss application[EMPLOYED]

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 20, 2012 5:15 pm



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