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Application "Black Bullets" [Family] [ACCEPTED]

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Application "Black Bullets" [Family] [ACCEPTED]

Post by Diogo_Gomes on Wed Mar 14, 2012 12:25 am

Gang Name : Black Bullets
Gang Leader :Diogo Gomes
Co-leaders (Maximum of 2, Optional) : I dont have yet. But i will have.
Background story of your gang/family (Minimum of 150 words) :
Diogo Gomes was born in San Fierro and he came to Los Santos because his brother was been jailed. He came with his girlfriend but after 7 years, his girlfriend and his son die in a car accident.His girlfriend was driving one bullet when one truck crash with them, his family die but the driver of truck no, but Diogo was nerveus and he went to the house fo the driver and he killed him. The Police never found him and when his brother was been released, they created one group called "Black Bullets", now the drive arrond in Los Santos with their Bullets! They have a good life with a good House, good cars and health! His dream was go to Hawai with the family but now the only thing he wanna is control the streets and race with the bullets! They will do everything to be the best drifters of Los Santos!
Starting members (Minimum of 2):
1. Andrew Neville
2. Sly Sylver

Rank 6 skin :

Rank 5 skin :

Rank 4 skin :

Rank 3 skin :

Rank 2 skin :

Rank 1 skin :

Gang Cars (10 Maximum) :
1. Black Bullet
2. Black Bullet
3. Black Bullet
4. Heli
5. Black Sultan
6. Black Sultan
7. Black NRG
8. Black NRG
9. Black Huntley
10. Black Huntley

Level of the leader :8
Past gang/family experience :Yes, a lot.
Why you should be given a gang : Because i love do RP and my gang is original. I have great ideas to do hard RP!
Have you fully read the rules and regulations of gangs ? : Of course
Level of the Co-leader(s) (If there is) : 8
Why your gang application should be accepted ? : Because that will make the player do more RP with the drifters and respect the Bullet Drivers of the Town!


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Re: Application "Black Bullets" [Family] [ACCEPTED]

Post by John. on Wed Mar 14, 2012 4:22 am

Dear Diogo Gomes,

We have reviewed your Family Application and it is ACCEPTED! Congratulations
you may now go In Game and talk to the Owner, Eljay and David.

MG:RP Staff


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Server Owner

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