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Marcello Drago LSPD apply [EMPLOYED]

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Marcello Drago LSPD apply [EMPLOYED]

Post by Marcello_Drago on Wed Mar 14, 2012 6:18 pm

(( IC Info ))

Name : Marcello_Drago

Age : 28

Date of Birth : 12/12/1984

Phone Number : 5360

Current Job : Trucker

House Location: Vinewood

Driver License : Yes

Pilot License : Yes

Shooting Skill : 9/10

Biography (Minimum of 100 words) : - My name is Marcello Drago, I'm 26 years old, I was born in North America but moved to Russian when I was 20. I currently live in Los Santos and I'm unemployed. I have a decent body, couple of muscles, I can improve it if I join the force of course. I have pretty good driving skills, I can navigate through narrow streets and alleyways easily, I never lose my target. My shooting skills are not bad too, I used to train with some friends at Ammu-nation, they have some pretty good shooting ranges. I also used to go hunting with my friends when I was in LV, before I moved to LS. I know what to do under pressure and I communicate whenever it is needed, which is all the time ofcourse. I always obey orders from higher ranks. I'm not shy to receive ideas or help from people younger or smaller in rank than me.

Why do you want to join the LSPD ? (Minimum of 100 words) : When I was a little boy, about the age of 6, I was on a trip with my family to celebrate a wedding that just happened. We were all going to Mexico to enjoy the sights we were told existed there. When we reached Mexico, we rented out 3 hotel rooms for my large family to fit in. I was meant to sleep in a room with my family, but my uncle decided to take me out to get something to drink. While we were walking, I noticed that there was a man sprinting away from what seemed to be twelve men with weapons. The man ran out of stamina and collapsed to his knees begging the men for forgiveness. It turned out that he owed them a great amount of money, and it was overdue. He continued to beg and said he would find a way to pay them back, but it seemed the leader of these men was tired of what he was saying. "I have a family to feed," was the last six words I heard before the loud bang that came afterwards. There was so much blood, pain, and misery in the atmosphere, yet somehow the man who shot him seemed to be able to laugh. It was as if taking the life of another human being gave him some sort of pride. It was that same day that I decided that no one should ever feel scared to live their life, no one should be afraid to go out with the risk of never coming back, it was that same day that I decided I would become a police officer.

(( OOC Info ))

Timezone : CET

Any alt accounts ? : No

Basic RP Definition : Roleplay

PG : Powergame, doing something wich is impossible in real life, like /me punches you in the head and takes all of your money.

MG : Metagame, using IC information OOC'ly, for example using a nametag above someone to know his name IC.

HB : Helicopter Blade, Killing someone with a blade of your heli

DM : Deathmatch, killing everyone for no RP reason.

KoS : Kill on Sight, the same thing as DM, killing everone for no reason.

CS : CrackShoot, bugging a deagle or shotgun to make it shoot faster.

RK : Revenge Kill, killing someone because he killed you.

RT : Rush Taze, tazing someone in a gunfight

DB : Drive-by, parking your car on someone, or just shooting out of the window at someone as a driver.


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Re: Marcello Drago LSPD apply [EMPLOYED]

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 20, 2012 5:16 pm



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