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Administrator Rules And Regulations

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Administrator Rules And Regulations

Post by John. on Thu Mar 15, 2012 4:05 pm


The rules and regulations to the admins are easy and the important is the admins must not disrespect the fellow admins and dont abuse their powers like /kick and especiall /ban, if yo Admins Abused the rules you'll be Forced to be KICKED out in the administration team no REFUNDS!

This are one of the Basic Rules for all the PGRP Administrators:

1. Don't /kick if someone had an Non-RP name just /nrn it and /approve to be less harass.

2. Never Disrespect your fellow admins, if they've done something wrong tell them what to do next time unless you know the right thing.

3. If a player asks for a Job level Refund accept it by using /refund [player/id].but dont accept if they want Money,Bank Account and Faction leaders and cars.

4. If you saw an Admin abused his powers and owners are offline, Report it immediately on forums so that the owners can review it and take action to the admin who abused it.

5. Dont abuse /jetpack for travels only. use it for emergencies only like players get stuck or something you know what i mean.

6. You can't use /createpcar for yourself, you need to buy one at car dealership even your an Admin to be Fair to players.

7. Last Respect the Owners John. and Krillah. becasue there are the one who makes this server Online.


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