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Shogun Racing Team [ACCEPTED]

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Shogun Racing Team [ACCEPTED]

Post by Daisuke on Mon Mar 19, 2012 6:26 am

Gang Name: Shogun Racing Team
Gang Leader: Daisuke Yano
Co-leaders (Maximum of 2, Optional):None.
Background story of your gang/family (Minimum of 150 words): Daisuke was born to Japanese parents in Tokyo in 1985. His father was a car mechanic and avid racer who had encouraged his son to follow his dreams no matter what they were. His mother stood by his father on everything from his racing to his vices. Daisuke's father was a heavy marijuana smoker and a laid back man. Daisuke grew up around cars, racing, and drugs. Two of those he liked whilst hating the other. Daisuke grew up like any other kid in Tokyo at that time and soon formed a small group of friends of which he could trust with his life. Soon enough, Daisuke and his friends were made victims of larger, more popular kids in school. To protect themselves from these guys, Daisuke and his friends formed a small gang who fought with weapons sold to them by drunken American soldiers on leave and loitering around. Soon enough, they had made a name for themselves and became a respected bunch among the city. Daisuke had always been told to follow his dreams, but one day a conflict arose; Daisuke's father was contacted by another Japanese racing team and that team had told him of Daisuke's activities in the streets of Tokyo. Daisuke was sixteen at the time and his father had confronted him regarding the gang. Instead of immediately closing the gang down, he challenged his father to a race with high stakes: if Daisuke won, he'd keep the gang; if his father won, Daisuke would give it up and work with his father. They chose to use two Nissan Skylines that his father had souped up for the racing season. Daisuke ended up winning and his father respectfully accepted the defeat, only wishing his son to be careful with his street gang. That proved to be the greatest line of advice he had ever received when three months later his gang was targeted by organized crime in Tokyo. Everyone but Daisuke himself was eliminated by a silenced shot to the back of the skull. Daisuke fled to the countryside where one of his father's garages was and where a cache was hidden for that very purpose. He took some money from that cache, fleeing to an airport and buying a ticket to San Andreas. After moving there, he immediately laid low and began work as a mechanic for a garage in San Fierro. After four years of that, Daisuke used all of his savings to purchase a garage of his own and some cars. Daisuke took to the racing circuit as a lone wolf, winning money and rounding up pink slips until finally he had retired temporarily to a villa in California. After two years of retirement, Daisuke was contacted by his father, who'd been diagnosed with bone cancer. Daisuke flew to Tokyo and spent a night with his father in the hospital and it turned out to be his last. Daisuke inherited a large debt against Tokyo Yakuza so he fled the country, leaving everything behind once more. He returned to San Andreas with a mission: get out of the gang life and settle down. That lasted two months before he paid off the debts owed to the Yakuza and he returned to racing. His lone wolf approach had turned out to be unsuccessful in fending off opposing racers so he began to carry with him two things: a sword and a Glock. Daisuke was given the name "Shogun" by his counterparts because of the weaponry he carried and the attitude he had towards enemies. He is now trying to obtain a team to help him take over the streets of San Andreas.
Starting members (Minimum of 2):
1. Daisuke Yano

Rank 6 skin: 120

Rank 5 skin: 118

Rank 4 skin: 186

Rank 3 skin: 59

Rank 2 skin: 50

Rank 1 skin: 60

Gang Cars (10 Maximum):
1. Sultan (560)

2. Sultan (560)

3. Sultan (560)

4. Sultan (560)

5. Elegy (562)

6. Elegy (562)

7. Flash (565)

8. Jester (559)

9. Banshee (429)

10. ZR-350 (477)

Level of the leader: 16
Past gang/family experience: I've lead multiple gangs on another server.
Why you should be given a gang: I think that a racing team would be a good addition to the server and add a component of RP that could enhance the server's RP standards.
Have you fully read the rules and regulations of gangs ?: I have read and understood the rules and regulations.

Level of the Co-leader(s) (If there is) :
Past gang/family experience :

Why your gang application should be accepted ?: Because I would like a chance to introduce a racing team's RP to the server and hopefully incite others to form opposing teams to RP with.

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Re: Shogun Racing Team [ACCEPTED]

Post by John. on Mon Mar 19, 2012 7:04 am

Dear Daisuke,

One of the Server woners had reviewed your Family Application and it is ACCEPTED!

You may now go In Game to talk to the admins about your Family Thank you,

Eljay Mizanin


Server Owner
Server Owner

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