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Gang Rules & Point Rules

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Gang Rules & Point Rules

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 21, 2012 5:00 pm

Gang/Family Rules & Regulations

1. Gangs must roleplay everything, from invitation and gang matters such as Gang Wars.

2. Gangs must roleplay in their ''hood'' often. This means that gangs must hang around the hood, selling drugs, family car shows or maybe even illegal street races in your hood and doing things that a gang does in real life. This does not mean you cannot go out and do things, it simply means we want to see it happen.

3. Gangs/Families are expected to get involved in planned attacks such as bat fights and other activities that are along the line.

4. All gangs should use appropriate skins. For example, if you are in the Grove Street families and you are using a Chinese skin. It is totally non-roleplay and if it is a repeated offense, your gang/family will receive a STRIKE.
5. Do NOT Mass Recruit. Gangs must roleplay EVERY SINGLE invitation. If anyone is caught recruiting members without IC/OOC testing, it will earn the Gang/Family a STRIKE.

6. Gangs/Families are NOT allowed to change the name of their family, roleplay theme, slot owner without the permission from the Gang Moderator. Doing so, the Gang/Family will either receive a STRIKE or result in the deletion of your gang slot depending on the Gang Moderator's decision.

7. If your Gang/Family is seen breaking the server rules E.g DMing,Rk, your Gang/Family with earn a STRIKE. If a R5+ is seen promoting or carrying out these actions, the R5+ will be jailed for an hour and a half and will also receive 2 STRIKES.

Point Rules

1. Point wars are OOC, it is for gangs only and they can go to points and capture it to make money. In points, you gangs are allowed to fight without roleplay and return to the point immediately after you have died.When the point ends, you must stop shooting immediately. People in violation of this rule will be prisoned, gang warned and the gang can possibly receive a gang STRIKE

2. Gangs are allowed to have ONE alliance with another gang for Point Wars. If your gang is caught having more than ONE alliance,your gang will receive a STRIKE.

3. When attending point you are required to use your family skins ((/clothes)). You can't use other gang skins, civilian skins or VIP skins either. People in violation of this rule will be prisoned, gang warned and the gang can possibly receive a gang strike.

4. Multi-Capping, or having more than one rank 5+ attempt to capture a point at one time, is against the rules and punishable with a prison sentence for all those attempting to capture after the initial capturer, a gang strike will be issued for that gang.
Multicapping is when two people /capture the point incase the other dies.

5. Point wars must take place inside point boundaries, you are not allowed to shoot outside point boundaries.You are not allowed to shoot people inside the point boundaries if you are not inside it, unless you have a rifle/sniper.If you know someone has a sniper near point, they can be shot.

6. If anyone is caught Lagcapping, you will be prisoned,gang warn or your gang may be receive a STRIKE.
Lagcapping is when you have very high ping or very low fps making it hard to hit them.
7. In points ONLY,gangs are allowed to heal and vest during a gunfight. The capper can be actively using a firstaid kit, however he may not be vested whilst he is capping. Doing so will result in a STRIKE.
8. You cannot attend a point if you do not want to capture it. This includes attending a point with no Rank 5's online in your family. If the rule is broken, all the gang members involved will receive a gang warn. If there are more than 5 members are at the point, the gang will receive a STRIKE.

9. Civilians (Non Gang Members) are not allowed in points. If a civilian is found to be constantly participating in a point, they will be prisoned.

10. One gang may control a maximum of THREE points.Should any one gang be in control of
three or more points at any one time, said gang can receive a strike. If a gang has Three points already, they are not allowed to go to any more points unless they're defending a point they already own.


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